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Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Electroplating Chemicals, Surface Coating Chemicals and Laboratory Chemicals


It is our policy to produce and supply best quality of Products, manufactured under supervision of special technicians. All products comply with strict regulations for quality assurance. Processes are monitored to ensured to the quality control.........

About Us

We introduce ourselves as an export division of M/s Shree Chemicals, who is the one of the leading manufacturer of dyes from safranine series. Under well equiped plant with qualified chemists........

Our Products

Safranine O, Diethyl Safranine, Basic Violet 5, Rhoduline Violet, O Cresolphthalein, Thymolphthalein, Dyes & Chemicals, PH Indicators, Laboratory Reagents, Biological Stains.......

:::: Our Product Range ::::

Diethyl Safranine                

Basic Violet 5                     

Rhoduline Violet

Basic Violet 8     


Methyl Diethyl Safranine

Safranine 0 (Basic Red 2)

More About Us

However, due to globalisation, the demands for specific products for electroplating chemicals, surface coating chemicals increased .To achieve the market, We established another 2 nos. manufacturing units named 1) Sapna Detergent & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (in the year 2000) & 2) Shree Chemicals (in the year 2006) both situated at Boisar/Tarapur, for the manufacturing special products of all Phenyl-Phenazinium series compounds like Safranine O (Basic Red-2), Diethyl Safranine, Basic Violet 5, Basic Violet 8, Rhoduline Violet etc. Above products are utilised in Electroplating Dyes,Surface Finishing Industries,Surface Coating Industries.

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