Diethyl Safranine Manufacturers And Exporters

Diethyl Safranine is used histology and Cytology as counterstain in few staining procedures which includes coloring of all cell nuclei in Red color.Diethyl Safranine is also apt to detect mucin, cartilage and mast cell granules.

Chemical Name 3-Amino-7-N,N-Dimethylamino-5-Phenyl Phenazinium Chloride
C.A.S. NO 4569-86-2
C.I.No. 50206
M.F. C22H23N4Cl
M.W. 378.91 gm/mole
Specifications :
Appearance Dark green powder
Dye Content (Spectrophotometric) >80%
Solubility 0.1% (in water) Clear red solution
Absorption maximum (in water)?max 552-557 nm
Absorptivity (A1% / 1cm in water at ?max) >950
Loss on drying (1100C) < 5%

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